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Commercial Cleaning Robot price

Тема в разделе "Статьи, гайды о Revelation", создана пользователем sin57bm, 6 апр 2021.

  1. sin57bm

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    6 апр 2021
    Robot scrubber 50 is a high-end floor cleaning equipment designed for interior cleaning, integrating washing, drying and dusting. The commercial robotic floor scrubber is suitable for cleaning the floors in hotels, shopping malls, banks, schools, office buildings, high-end residences, etc. Suitable for all kinds of hard and soft floors. The working time of this robot is 2-4 hours. It can integrated water and electricity workstation, helping to achieve unlimited autonomy.
    The robot scrubber 50 is characterized by intelligence and innovation, minimal human intervention during its cleaning.
    It can be monitored and can send cleaning reports through an interactive management system.
    Only 2 hours of general maintenance are needed per month.
    Optional function that recognizes elevator autonomously and enter different floors for cleaning.
    The timed task can be started, performing unmanned operation.
    Autonomous mapping, automatic path planning, flexible response to various complex scenarios.
    Support double roller brush design, while washing the floor, you can clean the garbage, effectively solving the rubbish problem of the traditional scrubber clogging the suction pipe.
    Technical parameters of robot scrubber 50
    Overall dimensions(L*W*H)792X700X1100mm
    Cleaning capacityUp to 1800m2/h
    Continuous working time2-6h
    Rated voltage24V
    BatteryLithium-lon 40Ah
    Max power1000W
    Rated driving motor power2X300W
    Rated suction air motor power560W
    Rated brush plate power2X150W
    Cleaning width500mm
    Rotary speed of brush plateUp to 270RPM
    Max suction water pressure18.18Kpa
    Waste water tank18L
    Clean water tank24L(3 stage filtration)
    Battery weight15kg
    Gross weight214kg
    SensorsLaser radar, depth camera, ultrasonic sensor, fender wheel, bumper, drop-proof
    Moving speed0-3.6km/h
    Sound level55-75dBACommercial Cleaning Robot price

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